Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Staples

Like I've said before, Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Fall seems to have its own wardrobe, and I love to break out my fall staples the first chance I get.
Some things I like to wear in the fall are…


I have an unhealthy obsession. This one is the one I wear the most throughout the colder months. Last year they made it in both men's and women's, but to order a mens one just go a size down from your regular size (i.e. if you're a medium in women's get a men's small) and it'll fit just fine. I love to wear flannels under sweaters, with leggings and an infinity scarf, tucked into skirts, really any way possible.

Which brings me to my next fall staple: Sweaters

I don't own this sweater yet, but let me just say the day is coming extremely soon. I've never had a sweater from LL Bean, but this one just looks so soft and warm how could I not? My parents are both avid LL Bean sweater buyers, and I definitely need to start investing in some ASAP. I'm also a obviously big into cashmere. Some of my favorite sweaters are similar to this (so many colors, and it's SO inexpensive) or this (again mens, but you can always size down).


For a more formal version try these leather ones! I love to wear leggings in the morning with a nice warm sweater when it's chilly or after classes while doing my homework

Riding Boots:

I think this goes without saying. There are way too many options to post one picture, but I love any type of riding boots. I just recently bought these in black and they're great. The best thing is they're fleece lined so they have extra warmth. My only complaint would be they're super tight on your calves so I wouldn't recommend if you have larger calves or like to wear thicker pants (basically anything other than leggings) with your riding boots.

What are your favorite things to wear in the fall? Do you have fall staples you just can't wait to break out in September?


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